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Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within UK 2020 Virtual Event

Unleash The Power Within is about not waiting any longer. It’s about seizing the power and the resources that are already inside you and waiting for you to unleash to live the life that you always dream of, rather than the old conditioning that you have been programmed by your environment, school, society or anyone else.

This time Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within 2020 Event will be virtual. You can check the latest ticket price here!

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At Unleash The Power Within you will be breaking through the fears and the self-limiting belief that have been holding you back. This includes unconscious fears and doubt. You will learn how to develop powerful new routines, build lasting results ‘muscles’ that create maximum energy, vitality, and optimum health.

You will learn how to build momentum in your life to make difficult things become easy and effortless. You will implement a fail-safe system that enables you to follow through your goals, especially when the going gets tough when the demands, frustrations, and distractions of your life try to disturb your focus and commitment.

If you are ready to unlock and unleash the forces inside you to help you achieve your dream and create the magnificent life that you always desire and deserve, it’s time to take action and change your life forever.

UPW Birmingham 2020 Tickets

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4-Day Event

  • Day 1: Learn how to turn fear into power by experiencing the famous firewalk.
  • Day 2:  Learn how to turn your dreams into reality by using the power of success conditioning.
  • Day 3: A transformation day, create your new life and the triggers to help you follow through.
  • Day 4: Learn the power of pure energy and 12 master principles of a vital life.

Event Schedule Details

Location: Resorts World Arena, Perimeter Rd, Birmingham B40 1NT, United Kingdom

Date and time:

  • 22-25 OCTOBER, 2020

What Others Say About Tony Robbins’ Events

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“I, we’ve been friends with them, Tony and Sage… for ages, you know, and me, personally, I think it’s like 25 years ago, I did my first firewalk. They’ve been in our home as guests. We’ve been at their home as guests, and we love these guys, these guys are the real deal. We trust we live an authentic life but it doesn’t mean we got it all covered all the time, you know. You absolutely need congruency to eliminate your fears. You absolutely need the energy, and to be in the right physiology when you approach any problem, any decision. We’ve been very blessed, in abundance in our life and nothing could have been a better experience for me, nothing, than having Roma, and our three kids here with us this epic weekend… The stuff you learn here is the most important thing you’ll learn in relationships, in business, in fun. You know, there’s something you need to do to get these really big, meet and goals. Take method action, pay attention to what is happening and when you start to achieve the things you want, celebrate! It’s okay to enjoy it. Don’t beat yourself up, celebrate and enjoy it! Then repeat, repeat and rinse, repeat and rinse, like a washing cycle, and I’m telling you as someone who has lived with these strategies for 25 years… I’ll come back again, and again, and again.” – Mark Burnett

“This has been the most extraordinary few days. I mean I think we came or I came thinking that it was a great opportunity to bring the kids and I feel that these last few days, that… that we’ve all just cracked open, that all those old stories, all that stuff that’s dishonest that we just have fed ourselves over the years, all that stuff that just fuels our fears and think, that part of us that makes us feel inadequate and incompetent has just been blasted away, and I just feel like I’ve been opened right up and light is just pouring in and then out… And for me, I think one of the last things takeaways would be is to be reminded that we all have fear, to remember that courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is having fear but still moving forward, I love that…” – Roma Downey

Watch more stories:

Justin Tuck

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“Justin Tuck, originally from Kellyton, Arizona and I play football for New York Giants. Honestly, I can be honest, I came here skeptic about the whole process… the… whole process, and it’s been an opening experience, it really has been. I’m trying to get all my friends to come to this because the things that have been taught to me this week and reinforced – from the firewalk to nutrition, everything – I feel as though it’s really gonna improve my standard of living and is really gonna help me get to the next level. And believe me, I should be tired. You won’t know until you get here, when we start at about 7, 8 every day and we get out… I haven’t gotten out earlier than 11PM but the fact of the matter is, after 11PM, after all the things we’ve done in a day, you do less eating, you do obviously less sleep… But I didn’t want to go to sleep when we walk out of here. You know… my wife was pregnant and she’s seven months pregnant, which if you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that the first thing they want to do most days is to go to sleep, we’re up until 2 in the morning, talking about the sessions, talking about how we were gonna apply it in our lives, talking about friends we can invite to this. So if that doesn’t allow you to understand that this is something different, this is something that – you can’t even imagine how powerful it is until you get here – well I don’t think you want to change… Get here. I mean it’s that simple. If you have problems in your life, which we all do, you need to get here. You need to find a way to be a part of this, to… you know, make that first step to making a change in your life. All of us, I have a pretty good life, I do, but all of us have aspects in our lives, areas in our lives that we want to make greater. And even if its the smallest things, he can help you with the smallest things, but definitely get here because it is life-changing, it really is.” – Justin Tuck

Maria Menounos

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“I feel like I’ve always been aware of Tony Robbins but it wasn’t until January of this year when I kinda realized I need to make some changes, I need to make some shifts because I was not happy with how things were going, and so, the only thing I could find online was a TED talk that he had done… And I remember watching it on a trip, on a plane, and being, “oh my god, just a few little nuggets I just got from that like 30 minutes or whatever it was…” gave me so much insight. I knew these things, I just got lost along the way. Some of them I didn’t I know, so, I decided to sign up. I brought my whole team with me, and it was the smartest thing that I’ve ever done. I feel like I came here for a multitude of issues. I had many stories. I was such a victim. I was beaten and bruised by all of these people who were evil and wanting to hurt me because I’m a nice person. Why would they want to hurt me? That was my story, my limiting beliefs were: that if I wanted them in the success that I wanted, more jealousy would come to me, more hate would come to me… I was thinking if I had kids, they were going to ruin my life, because I wouldn’t want to work as hard. I’ve had people out me in the position of fear, I allowed myself to be in a position of fear for what ramifications would come from having kids, and I remember calling my boyfriend last night, and I was like, “We’ve been together for 16 years. I’m like, not afraid anymore. In fact, I want this more than anything now because I know now that they were going to enrich my life. They’re not going to take away, they’re going to give me the family I’ve always wanted.”… I’ve been controlled by all of the little petty distractions that have worn me down, made me tired, and taken me away from what I was out here to do. To say that my life has changed on a multitude of levels is a freakin’ understatement. I feel on top of the world. I feel incredible. I feel motivated. I feel empowered. I know what this has already done and what it’s going to do. I’m so excited and I’m so thankful for Tony and the incredible gift that he gave me, my life has sense again.” – Maria Menounos

Mark Burnett

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“I remember sitting on Venice beach and reading Tony Robbins’ books and listening to cassette tapes. Remember the old cassette tapes, how long ago that was, on a little, ummm… I forgot the name, was it…, Walkman? Yeah, Walkman, with the old headphones and really liking what I was hearing from Tony Robbins, ’cause I think, everybody can use a little friend to push them along. Although I didn’t know Tony, he came across as a friend who simply wanted to encourage. Coming from a real working class, blue color community in East London, I hadn’t really spent time with highly successful people the way that Tony would encourage you to model somebody that you like the way they succeeded, try and do what they do. It wasn’t like rocket science. However, I hadn’t met anybody who’d made it and they’re funny to rely up on Tony and those tapes and those books, to give me the ideas that I could make it, that anybody could make it, and Tony made it sound, so that to be true, you don’t need the greatest education in the world to set the right motivation and action, and put your fear into power. Anybody could do it, if you have that desire, and what Tony really gave me – a kid, sitting on Venice beach selling t-shirts – was the desire to take risks, take action and really become something.” – Mark Burnett

Hugh Jackman

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“I’ve always had this thing that I wanted to meet Tony. I’m a big sports fan, I remember hearing him from Andre Agassi, and hearing Andre Agassi’s testimonial and how he worked with Tony when he was 126th in the world and then came up to no. 1 in the world, and he attributed that to Tony. I’ve heard many testimonials and I was, this guy, this guy’s extraordinary. Then, became friends with Serena Williams, and she told me firsthand about the sessions that she’d had with Tony and how immediately after these sessions, she went from being injured and kind of out of tennis to winning the grand slam of the Australian Open, and I was… she told me in about an hour and a half, her version of what might have been a 2-hour session and I was absolutely fascinated by this. And I, I remember thinking how I would really love to meet Tony. It sounds like no matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy, Tony’s got something to offer you and I then, had the chance to meet him. We’re in New York and we were invited to go to the Four Seasons hotel, he was there doing a course, I presume, I’m not sure why he was there and we were invited to go to his hotel suite to meet him and to meet Sage, and he said he had a gift for us. Wow, okay, well just to meet him would be something that had been on my mind, at this point, probably, 20 years. So we went up to his room, and of course, when you first meet Tony, you’re immediately bold over by the sheer size of him, literally the size of him, because I’m quite a tall guy, but it’s rare that I get, oh hey, you’re really a big guy. His big hand comes out and then, just the size of his presence, and the size of his warmth and the embrace he gives you, I felt like I’ve known Tony for 20 years. Now, not just read types of books but literally, 9 of them being best friends. It was a big hug and to Dib, and I was with a couple of other friends. And then I met Page, and the pair of them were just like this bright light and everything I imagined about Tony seemed to be absolutely true, and then some when I met him in person.” – Hugh Jackman

Donna Karan

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“I was going through some major serious shift in my life, life-changing, and I need a life coach, and that means to be at the opportunity for me to meet Tony Robbins one-on-one, and I did. I had known Tony, I’ve seen him, obviously, he’s an icon. You know, not only his size but what he’s actually done. So I went in, and I met Tony, and in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, you know, which could take years and years and years of discussing the cause and the effect, and you know, all the people, and all the drama behind it, you know, nailed it, on the head, completely. He said, really clearly, “listen, you gotta do a seminar…”. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m gonna do it, and I did it. Bite off the the runway, can you imagine after a thousand shows, walked into a Tony Robbins seminar in New Jersey, and I felt very vulnerable, I felt exposed, I felt, you know, how can I kind of, be there… but really I felt very protective at the same time. I think, when you walked into Tony, wihout all of the people there, and all the energy, you feel like, he’s just speaking to you. It was as good as almost a one-on-one, it was a one-on-one and 3,000 people and it hit home base. You know, how often do you get to really look at what you want to say and do in your life, very unusual. We don’t give ourselves that opportunity. You have it inside of you, you know, that power to make that difference, to make that choice. But to really look at what do you really want, who are you really, you know, what really, what’s really meaningful in your life, what are the real true meanings of your life. D’you give that opportunity to say to yourself, what do I really want, who are the real people that make a difference, what do I want to obtain. So, this moment, it was really important for my growth, in who I am today, you know, and looking at my life, and where I wanted to take my life.” – Donna Karan

Serena Williams

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“Before I met Tony, my mom, years ago, used to listen to his tapes and she used to have us actually always listen to him. He was so motivating, we were so young, and I just remembered my mom always listening to him, and so, when I met him, I felt as if I knew him, and I knew what he was about. I didn’t know what would happen when I met him. I was a little nervous, and you know, really unopened. I’m not an open person. It takes a lot for me to open up but when I first met Tony, I thought, “Okay, I’m not gonna tell him anything about my life.”. I was really hesitant on meeting him. I was like, “I really don’t want to go.” I mean, “I’m not gonna say anything now, that was gee, y’now… ” I was just, it a was really a hard time for me, because I’m not the type of person that would just, lay my feelings out on the floor. I’m very cautious in what I say. But Tony was pretty easy to open up. When you’re a professional, when you’re the best, people want to beat you more, they want to bring you down even more, so I had to realize that when you get on top, sometimes you have to work even harder. When discussing with Tony before, I thought I was super confident, but…ummm… I was, when I was at my best. I was, you know, I would say, at an 8, and then, afterwards, after the injury, which was hard on anyone, really… I’m coming back from a major surgery, so I think, I was at a 4, and then, after working with Tony, ummm… I just felt amazing. I felt like I was at a 10. I just really felt really amazing. What helped me most was outside of tennis, I mean, sure, it was great to be, become winning again, and you know, just be on top at all times, but at the same time, life was so much bigger than tennis. It’s the basic things, and the little things that we overlook, and the little steps in life. We all want to jump really fast to the end of the finish line, you can’t do that, you gotta go through the whole race first. You know, to wake up everyday, you should be the most happiest person alive because it’s a gift. And I think, with Tony, and working with Tony, he’s gonna help you realize that.” – Serena Williams


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