Anthony Robbins 7 Forces of Business Mastery

Anthony Robbins 7 Forces of Business Mastery

1. Define Core Principles & Create an Effective Business Map

The competitive advantages that put you in business and made you successful in the first place are almost certainly not sustainable moving forward. At Business Mastery, you will review in detail where your business has been, where it is today and where it is going – and how the current stage of your industry, as well as the economy, affect this. Rather than creating a business plan that will likely be outdated in six months, you’ll create a business map – a dynamic, flexible, sustainable guide for how to get your business from where you are to where you want to be by taking advantage of the predictable fluctuations in the market and the economy.

2. Strategic Innovation: Products, Services & Delivery

In business, the secret to wealth comes down to two things: marketing and innovation. How do you create and add more value than anyone else in the marketplace? And, how do you continually market your product or service in a way that makes customers want to do business with you again and again?

3. World-Class Strategic Marketing

The marketing strategies and business systems presented at Business Mastery have been selected for one powerful reason: they produce extraordinary results dramatically disproportionate to their required resources. Among them, a three-step process for rapidly increasing your net profitability by 33%; a system for transforming your enterprise through a simple understanding of what business really is; a process for multiplying your branding impact through the power of emotion; and many more key distinctions that will have an immediate and dramatic impact.

4. Sales Mastery Systems

No business can be successful if it hasn’t mastered the ability to sell and generate revenue with machine-like precision. At Business Mastery, you will be guided to discover additional revenue streams from the same business you already have. You will uncover profound ways to get more customers, get them faster, get them for less money – strategies that, when applied, will catapult your business to a period of unmatched growth.

5. Constant Optimisation & Maximisation

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. A 2% increase across the key drivers in your business will result in a geometric growth in your entire organisation. At Business Mastery, you will identify the key drivers unique to your organisation and create a simply plan to maximise the results you’re getting from each of them. Finally, you will learn how to integrate and apply these strategies and tactics into the very core of your organisation for measurable, sustained results.

6. Anticipation Power: Legal & Financial Analysis 

“In order to fly the plane, you must be able to read all instruments, including in foggy winters.” You must have a fail-proof system to measure and anticipate in advance any challenges in these critical areas. Failure to do so can result in years’ worth of work and profits lost overnight.

7. Create Raving Fan Customers 

The most successful businesses throughout history are those that constantly exceed their customers’ expectations and desires. You must fall in love with your customer; not your product – and in doing so give them more than what they ask for, but rather what they truly need.

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